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Unlike other receivables finance companies, we offer a unique balance of size, flexibility and a people first approach. We are a premium player, backed by large institutional investors. At the same time, we are independent of the banking and corporate sector, making us commercial and real-world in our decision making. Most importantly, we have people at its center and their extensive experience in commercial finance is the expertise that allows us to deliver fast, flexible and real-world decision making.

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Why Choose Us

Starting A Business

If you are looking to kick-start a new business, the traditional funding routes are usually dead ends, entrepreneurs have few friends in the Banks, wanting your personal collateral. Business Angels do not seem as angelic when like other venture capitalists they demand equity, control and bureaucratic reporting.

Why put up your house or personal assets as collateral when we will look only at your receivables and working capital assets.

We want you to focus on running and building your business. We can give you cash against your accounts receivable in 24 hours, we can help ensure that you are dealing with credit worthy customers and support your business in getting prompt payment professionally from your customers.

If you’ve got an exciting business plan and want to understand how our flexible funding could play its part in getting you off to a strong start, give our team a call – they’d be happy to talk through your plans with you:

Buying A Business

Recently the small to medium sized business sector has been the most vibrant in business acquisitions. We all hear of MBO’s, MBI’s, BIMBO’s, IBO’s, acquisitions and mergers every day, well if you want to buy a business, there is a good chance we can help.

The management of we have years of experience in helping businesses to buy other businesses using accounts receivable finance to raise significant amounts of funding. As well as high advance rates against the receivables to raise up to $5 million in funding, we will use our strategic partner network to unlock funding from your inventory, equipment, real estate etc. Additionally we can introduce you to many specialist advisors in our network to assist you or work directly with your team.

If you’re thinking about buying another business, find out the value and experience we can bring to the table – give our team a call to have a confidential discussion:

Growing A Business

We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains such power and complexity that it literally staggers the imagination.

Business Turnaround

There are times when you need to turn a business around, managing your cash position is essential. You need all your resources to be working for you and a funding partner that knows how to support and work with you.

It is during these times traditional sources of finance will reduce their support, or at least not meet your timelines for decisions. Our team will take a broad, commercial view, responding to your needs quickly. Using our receivables based financing we will be able to support your business with facilities of up to $5 million and a wide range of partners to look at a holistic facility structure.

We have substantial experience of working with restructuring businesses and those looking at D-I-P funding and Chapter 11 financing.